Free stuff!

With Well’s Rest on its way, I thought It’d be worth mentioning Rolling Sixes is available as a totally free download <<through that link right there<<

Here’s an excerpt:

‘Didn’t do your research, Crawley. I’d be more than pleased to let this kid slide. His granddaddy gave me this limp, y’know, back when the war was young. I sure as hell ain’t obliged him no kindness.’

‘There’re folks in the world’d give their right arm for the grandson of Amos Emerson.’ Joseph said, annoyed. Everett was beginning to get the feeling maybe there were facts about his grandfather which might have been kept from him.


WordPress is a butt.

So I’ve been here trying to post a few pleasant little stories I’ve written, but WordPress does this thing where it doesn’t apply any of the formatting I give it in msword, and I don’t push no inferior products. Unless I get it fixed up by tomorrow, I guess that means another entire year passes without me making any of my work available. Unless, of course, you count the table scraps I’ve thrown out featuring Donald Dallas and Harry Croak.

Not to end the year on a low note, but there ya go. For the moment, let’s talk about how excellent a book Elmore Leonard’s Hombre is. It’s a tale of the Old West, and an Apache named John Russell. Leonard was perhaps the most underrated crime novelist in America, even though several of his books were made into movies. To him, the western was the natural predecessor to the modern crime genre. It makes sense, too. The trademarks are all there, the grizzled antihero, the suspense, the grey morality, and most of all the sharp, often brutal action sequences. Hombre is a straightforward book. John Russell hops on a stagecoach headed for the big smoke. Outlaws attack, choices are made, and SPOILERS, the Apache dies at the end, just like the western did. It’s a work of master craftsmanship. The guy knew his way around a story.


I would post a picture of the cover, but apparently WordPress can’t handle that too well at the moment either.


I’ve just realised my copy has some pencilled notes at the end. I think it was a line of dialogue for a book I haven’t released. It reads ‘Get busy or get fired’, and oh how true that is.

Here’s hoping your 2016 went alright. Get ready for 2017, it’s definitely going to be a year.




This is it, the semi-grand and fully unanticipated relaunch of A Kick in the Teeth. Explore the pages on offer, click some buttons, lose yourself in CSS stylings so new I saw a doctor try to find the umbilical cord. Head over to the Writing page and find out about what I’ve got on offer. Press About to learn all there is I want you to know about me. Try Contact to learn how to get in touch, and Blog will take you deeper into the archive.

Today is a big day. This website had been broken for three-odd years. Rats got in. It happens. I’d been posting content that was too cheesy. I’ve learned HTML and CSS for this gambit, and I hope it’s paid off. Do you think it has? Click on this post’s title and leave a comment.

So what does the future hold? I’ll tell you. Lasers. In the future, all art will be lasers. I’m working on a book right now you can’t even read. It’s concentrated through quantum light channels and designed to be shone into a reader’s eye. You go to sleep that night and BAM! you’re dreaming the story I wrote. Cool, huh?

I’ll be posting more and more content to this website as time goes on. New stories, excerpts, whatever. I’m sitting on a wealth of words and they’re all. for. you.

Have fun,