Well’s Rest – Chapter Five

Sall had reached a subdued calm by the time he was below, and only three pirates remained to drop him on his back in his cell. His hands were shackled together in his lap. Sall groaned and lifted his head out of the bilge. His head spun.
‘My water,’ he said, voice croaking.
A pirate with a weepy red boil on his neck clanked the cage shut, stepped back and pocketed the keys. Damned pirates, Sall thought, as he withheld the flask. One of them had a face riddled with warts, another a scraggly, oily beard, his mouth stocked with mushy teeth let rot gray by the combined forces of scurvy and cheap tobacco. He looked bad. There were halfbreed mutts scavenging the docks alongside the gulls that were healthier than these men.
Sall’s last employer had bred two dogs to guard his storehouses. They were big, slobbering beasts who kept half a pace behind him every time he walked the yard, and watched the property at night.
Sall was hired to watch the storehouses during the day. He knew his place there. Some dogs know they are dogs. Most men Sall had met had yet to learn.


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Well’s Rest – Chapter Four

Sall went ignored and unfed for two days. His sleep was broken by hunger and the swills of bilgewater washing up and down the deck from the ship’s rolling movement. The constant noise, too, kept him from restful sleep. The crew was rowdy now they were back on home seas, where no navy would follow them, still riding on the success of their victory against the Red. For those first two days they drank and sang and caroused long into the night.


Chapter four is here, and it’s all about fightin’ dirty. You don’t think pirates play fair, do you?

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Well’s Rest – Chapter Three

From over rolling seas the Bitter End lay waste to the Red. The rear quarter of the ship was destroyed, a mess of splintered wood, even where the timbers were three feet thick. Water gushed in through a hole below the waterline. The ship was unsteady.
And caught in a deadly turn that was bringing it into full view of the enemy cannons. Sall scrambled low as a cannonball ripped through the air to his right. It smashed the mouth of a twelve-pounder and sent it spinning on its mount. The cannon wrenched free of its lashings and flew at him.

Things are kicking off now! Sall isn’t having a very good time at all, is he?

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Well’s Rest – Chapter Two

It was a dog’s day. The seas were high, brightened by a white morning sun into a glaring sheet of bluish silver, a sea rolling with the promise of a hard day at sail. The ocean was a boundless plain made of shifting hills and valleys. Where it met the horizon was dressed in a haze, and so the ocean seemed to go on forever. These formless lands were only interrupted by the odd rocky burr rising grey and stark from the sea on their starboard side. They were an unusual sight, unlike any other landmark, for those grey stacks, some reaching a hundred feet high, were all that remained of a strong line of mountains shattered by an earthquake that for a hundred leagues broke them down and swallowed them below a roaring tide. On one side of the world the tide rushed out, never to return. On the other side, the tide rushed in.

All those lands were the Obotema now.


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