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This is it, the semi-grand and fully unanticipated relaunch of A Kick in the Teeth. Explore the pages on offer, click some buttons, lose yourself in CSS stylings so new I saw a doctor try to find the umbilical cord. Head over to the Writing page and find out about what I’ve got on offer. Press About to learn all there is I want you to know about me. Try Contact to learn how to get in touch, and Blog will take you deeper into the archive.

Today is a big day. This website had been broken for three-odd years. Rats got in. It happens. I’d been posting content that was too cheesy. I’ve learned HTML and CSS for this gambit, and I hope it’s paid off. Do you think it has? Click on this post’s title and leave a comment.

So what does the future hold? I’ll tell you. Lasers. In the future, all art will be lasers. I’m working on a book right now you can’t even read. It’s concentrated through quantum light channels and designed to be shone into a reader’s eye. You go to sleep that night and BAM! you’re dreaming the story I wrote. Cool, huh?

I’ll be posting more and more content to this website as time goes on. New stories, excerpts, whatever. I’m sitting on a wealth of words and they’re all. for. you.

Have fun,



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